Hooray for friday……

Glad the week is coming to an end, only one more day of work for me. I had a very nice dinner with Taylor last night at the  mongolian grill, i really enjoyed it. then we went and got or nails done. The girls took Abby to Khalahari today and she had a blastmayphotos 046this is one of my favorite photos of the little cutie. she just makes me smile. 🙂 I hope you all have a great night and an even better weekend.

if your going to be anything………………………just be kind.


October 7 2015.

it has been two years since i posted on this page, i cannot believe how much has changed since my last post. After hurricane sandy i had no desire to craft or to write about crafts, so i didn’t. well lets see where should i begin, two of my sons got married, my daughter got engaged and  has a beautiful little girl named Abigail (more on this little cutie later). my other daughter graduated college, my cousin Annie got married. it has all been blessings for this family.

i am still working at my job, and playing bingo from time to time and have just recently organized my craft room once again so i can use it. i am enjoying having a little one around who reminds us to stop and smell the roses, and gives me new inspiration to scrap.

i will be posting more in the coming days. i look forward to sharing my life once again.



This has been a very long winter, i have not made a post since before hurricane Sandy, who blew into our lives and changed us forever. I had my Mother, father and sister in law living with us since the storm and were finally able to return to thier own home in early March.

I was lucky enought to spend an awesome weekend with the ladies of www.CroppersDelightynyc.com in Mahwah NJ in January. It was the first time ever in my married life that i went away all alone, i usually have one kid or another with me or at least the big guy. 094097097093099i had so much fun, with all the girls and of course my bestie Rosey….its always fun when she is around. She keeps me laughing.

February was pretty uneventful other than valentines day, which is also my anniversary. Rich and I snuck off for a nice lunch at Red Lobster to celebrate, did lots of running around with the inlaws shopping for things for their home. I was able to do a little crafting, and packing for My Favorite Things Crop at fernwood with Croppers Delight043058croppers delight 013002croppers delight 010croppers delight 006





WOW where did this week go

I cannot believe its Thursday already, this week is going super quick. The girls are still at school and the big guy isnt home yet so im playing in my scraproom, i have to alter some bar menu stands for a tea party that is being held at the community association where i work. I will post the photos when im done. In the meantime enjoy your dinner and i will add the photos later.

Monday funday

Today was my regular day off and i spend some of it getting crafty making tags for a tag swap that i am in with some ladies on facebook. I am really starting to love making them, you get to see your results so quickly lol.

A little crafty fun

Today  i made some cute little halloween tags to swap with some friends this weekend when i take a little drive and visit them at their weekend crop in Mahwah NJ with www.meetup.com/croppersdelight girls. My favorite crafting peeps in the whole wide world lol.

i cannot wait to see what the other ladies have created.
Well its off to sleep for me. Have a blessed night my friends.

Im back………………

Today is the first day since thursday that i am able to sit upright and be on the computer, i have had the flu and it was awful………GET YOUR FLU SHOTS PEOPLE……

i have managed to stay awake all day and get a few things done around my house. I’m going to try a little field trip to michaels tomorrow, my mom sent me a gift card I Love happy mail

The challenge is over

Well the master crafter challenge is over and i came in #6 out of 86, not too bad for the first contest i ever entered with my crafts. The top winner gets to choose which prize she would like and the rest will be given Randomly to the other participants.

tonight will be leftover birthday dinner from last night, the boys were not as hungry as i thought they would be, but they got to take home some goodies so they dont have to cook tonight either.

Fall has come big time to the poconos, i think it might be time to make a fire to take the chill out of the house. Looking forward to some pumpkin picking on the weekend maybe….

I am also excited to be planning a little visit to the girls of www.croppersdelight.com, they will be having a weekend crop not too far from my house, so i think im going to pop in to do a little shopping and say hello to my girls……i miss them so much……

Well its time to start preparing my supper, have a great night my friends….

The big guys birthday and the end of the master crafter challenge,

Today is my hubbys birthday, i cooked a huge tray of stuffed shells, sausage and peppers, yellow rice, and a crock pot full of pot roast. Sure smells good in here. Our two oldest are making an apperance on the mountain, and bringing ice cream cake and our girl Kait.  Taylor will be home from work soon and then we shall sing. i will post some photos later.

Today is the last day to get your votes in for the master crafter challenge. thanks to those who voted for me, it was the first time i ever entered one of my creations in a contest and i was so much fun, i cant wait to do it again. well time to set the table. talk to you later