October 7 2015.

it has been two years since i posted on this page, i cannot believe how much has changed since my last post. After hurricane sandy i had no desire to craft or to write about crafts, so i didn’t. well lets see where should i begin, two of my sons got married, my daughter got engaged and ┬áhas a beautiful little girl named Abigail (more on this little cutie later). my other daughter graduated college, my cousin Annie got married. it has all been blessings for this family.

i am still working at my job, and playing bingo from time to time and have just recently organized my craft room once again so i can use it. i am enjoying having a little one around who reminds us to stop and smell the roses, and gives me new inspiration to scrap.

i will be posting more in the coming days. i look forward to sharing my life once again.


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